Welch Aims to Make Government More Efficient

WESTCHESTER, Ill. – To cut wasteful spending and limit bureaucracy, state Rep. Chris Welch, D-Hillside, is sponsoring legislation to allow residents to consolidate unnecessary units of local government.

“While families are forced to tighten their belts, government has to share in the sacrifice and cut spending,” Welch said. “By consolidating the township and municipal government, we can improve efficiency while maintaining quality public service.”

With River Forest Township sharing the same boundaries as the Village of River Forest, House Bill 4425 aims to streamline resources and cut back on spending by allowing the discontinuation of River Forest Township. This provides that voters will decide on the township dissolution by referendum and that the municipality would assume the duties of the township.

Welch also introduced House Bill 4292 to allow a school board the opportunity to disconnect from the Trustees of Schools. This would permit boards to take responsibility of the district’s finances, giving them decision-making power to hire a treasurer, maintain up-to-date records, and ensure transparency.

“More government does not equate to more services,” Welch said. “Through allowing school boards to be directly responsible for finances, we can hold them accountable for spending and free-up needed resources for classrooms.”

For more information, contact Welch’s constituent service office at 708-450-1000, email repwelch@emanuelchriswelch.com or visit www.emanuelchriswelch.com. 


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